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    Insurances » 2012 » April » 13

    After Russia's accession to the WTO, insurance market eliminates most of barriers.

    Disputes about the benefits and the amount of quota for the participation of foreigners in the capital of Russian insurance companies are completed. A couple of years after the entry of Russia into the WTO, insurance market eliminates most of the barriers.

    In late March, the third largest U.S. insurer Liberty Mutual said about the acquisition of a small Russian company "KIT Finance Insurance". The deal allows Liberty to enter the insurance market " not a life" of Russia, amount of which is $ 21 billion, said the report of Liberty.

    Today there are many leaders of the world insurance in Russia: Allianz, Zurich Financial Services, Axa, Generali, Metlife Alico, etc. Even 10-20 years ago, Western insurers in Russia could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Allianz and Zurich, before buying of "Rosno" and "Nasty" worked through the small Russian companies, the group Ergo bought the St. Petersburg company "Russia" from the current first deputy chairman of the Duma ... Read more »
    Views: 4730 | 13.04.2012 | Insurance Prices

    In Moldova, insurers shall make payments to victims in the car accident excluding depreciation.

    From April 2012 in Moldova new rules entered into force under which insurance companies will be obliged to pay compensation to drivers who got into an accident, without the use of the coefficient of wear of parts to be replaced.

    That is, drivers will be able to count on buying new parts for not even new cars. So far in determining the scale of the damage caused, the insurers apply the so-called wear factor to any car that was in car incident, that is why there are often complaints about the very small compensation.

    It should be noted that before the introduction of this rule, insurers have given a five-year training period, they are prepared to pay compensation without having to wear factor, because it will increase its amount.

    Moreover, it is not the only innovation that will increase the cost of the insurance companies. So now, insurers say, in order to implement this practice, it is necessary to revise the tariffs for rates for CMTPLI.

    The exact f ... Read more »
    Views: 3841 | 13.04.2012 | Insurance Prices

    The collapse of the "Titanic" cost 70 insurers $ 12 million, which corresponds to $ 270 million, adjusted for inflation.

    April 14, 1912 "Titanic", nicknamed the "unsinkable", crashed in the Atlantic Ocean. With the cost of ship construction of the $ 7.5 million, "Titanic" was insured in 70 insurance companies by $ 5 million.

    Allianz was one of the few non-UK insurers of the vessel. The total amount of insurance payments was about $ 12 million in a result of the disaster, that at prices of 2010 comparable to no less than $ 278 million adjusted for inflation.

    Exactly 100 years ago, April 10, 1912 "Titanic", a British steamship of company "White Star Line," went into its maiden voyage from the port of Southampton, England, to New York City with the sounds of fanfare.

    During the departure its huge propellers nearly dragged the smaller ship "New York" in the flow of water left by "Titanic" when it was leaving the harbor. Perhaps this incident, which occurred even before leaving the waters of Britain, became a harbinger of future tragedies.

    April 14, 1912, "Titanic" came upo ... Read more »
    Views: 4100 | 13.04.2012 | Insurance Prices

    Natural disasters in 2011 cost the insurance market $ 110 billion.

    Natural disasters in 2011 cost insurers $ 110 billion, while total economic losses amounted to a record of $ 370 billion, estimated in the reinsurance company Swiss Re. Rampant of disaster struck at Lloyd's as well, has received a 2011 loss of 516 million pounds for its 324-year history.

    "In 2011 we were faced with extraordinary and devastating natural disasters. Earthquakes in Japan, New Zealand and Turkey, as well as floods in Thailand and Australia turned not only to massive destruction, but also claimed thousands of lives," - said Swiss Re chief economist Kurt Carl. Payments to insurers in the past year totaled $ 110 billion, slightly not achieved to a record $ 123 billion in 2005. However, the overall economic impact of last year was a record - $ 370 billion. Due to an insufficient level of protection through insurance around the world two-thirds of the damage will be borne by corporations, governments, various organizations and individuals.

    The most cost ... Read more »
    Views: 3931 | 13.04.2012 | Insurance Prices

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