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    Insurances » 2012 » March » 07

    Banking accreditation of insurance companies

    Accreditation is a procedure, by which the national accreditation body confirms the competency of the legal entity or corresponding conformity assessment body (CAB) to conduct certain types of works (testing, calibration, certification, and inspection).

    Insurance professionals with the appropriate level of experience and education can be accredited by certain trade and insurance organizations. When shopping for an insurance professional to work with, ask what accreditations the agent or brokers in the office possess.
    Accreditation can also come from the insurers the agent or broker produces for. This type of accreditation can be important if it directly pertains to the business insurance client. However, often such accreditation is more sales driven than actually helpful to the business client.

    Today, almost all believe that the accredited banks insurance companies - are shell companies that help the bank to earn even more income by the borrower. This s ... Read more »
    Views: 3725 | 07.03.2012 | Insurance Prices

    Insuarnce life

    One of the hardest things to have to consider about life is death. How to prepare for it, deal with it, cope with it and how to ensure our loved ones are protected when we die is the whole reason behind life insurance. At any point in our lives, the expenses we have always need to be paid. When someone dies, that adds a huge burden on the expense list as their funeral and other associated costs have to be covered. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to coping with the situation. How can we choose the best life insurance companies to ensure not only are those expenses covered, but other expenses as well?

    Not only are there expenses involved with a death, such as caskets, burial plots, funeral home arrangements, etc. but if the deceased was a primary bread-winner in the family, then the hole left by their death could be insurmountable without good life insurance. Living expenses such as electric and phone bills as well as the mortgage and food bills still ha ... Read more »
    Views: 4355 | 07.03.2012 | Insurance Prices

    The main insurance companies

    Probably, there is no such branch which have not suffered from recent global financial crises. Insurance is not an exception, as many companies have covered their clients’ damages had to turn away from economical lap. People are looking for safeguards and security and in a healthy economy insurance insurers gladly serve them, but a time of crisis gave rise to a very large number of insurance claims and insurance companies by paying compensations, have suffered serious losses. How did the crisis affect the global giants of the insurance?

    Today the largest insurer in the world is American International Group (AIG). This American insurance company with a capital of 172 billion dollars., ranked the first place in the U.S. life insurance and the second place for property insurance. The government helped AIG to hold out during the crisis, the government helped AIG, but its own capital played not the least role in this.
    American International Group, Inc. (AIG) is a leading ... Read more »
    Views: 4473 | 07.03.2012 | Insurance Prices

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