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    United States [52]Africa [53]
    Asia [36]Australia [8]
    Australia/Oceania [11]Canada [14]
    Caribbean [20]Central America [8]
    Europe [49]Middle East [16]
    North America [4]South America [15]

    We have direct and efficient providers of Bank Guarantee (BG’s), Insurance Guarantees,Confirmable Bank Drafts, Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and Third Party Guarantees. which are specifically for sell/lease at leasing price of 6+2% /40+2% for selling price. Issuance by HSBC London/Hong Kong or any other AA rated Bank in Europe, Middle East or USA,for cooperate bodies / individual .. our bank instrument can be engage in PPP Trading, Discounting, signature project (s) such as Aviation,Agriculture, Petroleum, Telecommunication,construction of Dams, Bridges,Real Estate and all kind of projects. We do not have any broker chain in our offer or get involved in chauffeur driven offers. We deliver with time and precision as sethforth in the agreement. Our terms and Conditions are reasonable, below is our instrument description. DESCRIPTION OF INSTRUMENTS: 1. Instrument: Bank Guarantee (BG/SBLC) (Appendix A) 2. Total Face Value: Eur 5M MIN and Eur 10B MAX (Ten Billion USD). 3. Issuing Bank: HSBC Bank London, Caredit Suisse and Deutsche Bank Frankfurt. 4. Age: One Year, One Month 5. Leasing Price: 6+2% and Buying Price 40+2% of Face Value plus 2% commission fees to brokers. 6. Delivery: Bank to Bank swift. 7. Payment: MT-103 or MT760 8. Hard Copy: Bonded Courier within 7 banking days. We are ready to close leasing with any interested client in few banking days, note that your anticipated mutual understand and cooperation is highly appreciated.Contact us for outstanding service, competence & professionalism; For all inquires Contact: mr: Tom Powell Skype:tompowell17 Tel: +447011132921 All inquires to Mr.Tom Powell should include the following minimum information so I can quickly address your needs: Complete contact information: What exactly do you need? How long do you need it for? Are you a principal borrower or a broker? Regards
    Italy | Views: 158 | Date: 27.07.2015 | Comments (1)

    Generali Argentina de Seguros is part of the Generali Insurance company based in Italy. We provide a range of possibilities to cover your risks. This includes health and life insurance, marine/aviation insurance, motor insurance, fire insurance and reinsurance.
    Our agents will consider important factors of your conditions, give advice on different types of insurance and in case of need offer also financial consultancy.
    The strategy of company is characterized by a quality service, innovative operations and understanding relationship with our clients. We're working efficiently to develop new ideas and find safe ways for people who value their life and happiness of their family.
    Argentina | Views: 714 | Date: 19.11.2012 | Comments (0)

    Since 1957 Liberty Group plays a leading role in South Africa in delivering of progressive long-term covers for your wealth and stability. We have a rich history that had an influence on our growth and improvement. Liberty's values are characterized by responsibility for our actions, by being honest and transparent, working together and understanding to achieve common goals.
    The company caters various types of high-quality products and services as well as advises on all important questions. A selection of covers includes life and health insurance, investment management, property protection and savings for your retirement.
    Our enthusiastic skilled experts help you to make an informed decision and encourage by your financial progress.
    South Africa | Views: 729 | Date: 18.11.2012 | Comments (0)

    Sanborn's Insurance is able to offer superior products and service to our customers and satisfy the most important needs of travelers. On your way of adventures we guard your enjoyment of driving throughout Mexico. By Sanborn's Insurance you can get insurance for your auto, RV, motorcycle, ATV, golf cart, bus and trailer. Each client will find here understanding and advice to avoid potential risks.
    We improve always our projects and develop new effective directions to make your life stable. Our corporate family attempts to achieve the highest level of transparence and confidence in relationships with the visitors. We are glad to give you more information about our commitments and views.
    Mexico | Views: 662 | Date: 16.11.2012 | Comments (0)

    The Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company is a well-known and reliable insurer offering progressive strategies and solutions for your professional and personal growth. With permanent development and improvement we have achieved prominent results for well-being of nation. Our high-motivated professionals will take care of your worries and determine problems.
    Our actions are based on the following vectors: expansion, innovation and technology, modernization and customer-oriented service. The insurance products and services are distinguished by individual, business insurance and overseas covers viz. home, car, life & health, accident, aviation, engineering, marine etc.
    Our team is always at your disposal to protect you and your goals from potential loss and troubles.
    United Arab Emirates | Views: 660 | Date: 16.11.2012 | Comments (0)

    One of the leading insurers has representative offices in Europe and Asia. ERGO provides an extensive assortment of assurance, service, private and corporate insurance products. Our active performance is aimed at achieving common understanding, ascertainment and solving of your problems. We have an individual approach to each customer considering and carrying out all your wishes, needs and requests.
    We offer to our private customers provision products, financial assistance in business, health services and medical care, property and liability cover, accident, sport and travel insurance. For corporate clients a range of policies is available that includes old-age provision for companies and the self-employed, group health insurance, administrative services, travel protection for employees etc.
    Germany | Views: 707 | Date: 16.11.2012 | Comments (0)

    Since 1972 Belize Insurance Centre ensures to its customers financial security and stability. Our honest and competent employees are dedicated to responsible work and sincere relationships with visitors. We take care of your personal and professional needs and support a prosperity of your business.
    Our company provides efficient policies for protection against potential expenditures and losses. A range of high quality products and services includes group health and life pensions, disability income, burial insurance, critical illness benefits, property and liability Insurance, marine, auto, travel insurance as well as personal accident, mortgage indemnity, professional indemnity.
    Innovative and customized policies ensure that your specialized insurance requirements are fully carried out.
    Belize | Views: 725 | Date: 15.11.2012 | Comments (0)

    Bermuda Insurance Market is a part of the global insurance and reinsurance markets. The number of our companies is growing permanently offering financial support, community development and service programs. We give a chance to reduce your risks in professional and personal life. We deal with traditional and specific insurance requirements and offer the most reliable information concerning health, property, life insurance/reinsurance, restaurant contamination, liability, political risk, terrorism etc.
    You can always get advices and services of our qualified specialists fulfilling their responsibilities in a friendly working and trusting environment. We meet all needs exceeding our customers’ expectations.
    Bermuda | Views: 694 | Date: 15.11.2012 | Comments (0)

    National Insurance Company Ltd is the oldest and the second largest insurer in India. Our network includes 1000 offices and more than 16,000 highly experienced agents are at your disposal. Innovative and custom-built policies meet even specific requirements. We offer to our customers different ideas and experience protecting from the risks. Our Company provides the insurance products to almost every branch of industry in the Indian economy like Banking, Telecom, Aviation, Shipping, Information Technology, Power, Oil & Energy, Agronomy, Plantations, Foreign Trade, Healthcare, Automobile, Education, Environment, Space Research etc. We carry out our insurance mission building trust-based relationships with our customers and suggesting foolproof solutions.
    India | Views: 664 | Date: 15.11.2012 | Comments (0)

    As a progressive insurance company Canada Protection Plan provides high-quality services for your life and health well-being. We take care and guard you and your loved ones in case something unexpected happens. Our company doesn’t require medical certificate, you should only answer a few questions.
    We offer several kinds of no medical insurance that includus whole life, term life and critical illness insurance. Health and dental insurance will assure you a protection from unexpected charges and provides you with money if you are hospitalized or disabled.
    Canada Protection Plan is committed to providing innovative travel insurance, assistance and emergency for your financial and health protection. We ensure the right coverage for you and your family.
    Ontario | Views: 652 | Date: 15.11.2012 | Comments (0)

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